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Universal Basic Asset Frequently
Asked Questions
What is UBA?
In a world in which monetary rewards increasingly accrue to capital and not to labor, UBA provides a new kind of initial capital.
It is an open protocol for future decentralized finance applications, such as Defi, NFTs, Borrowing/lending.
What is mining?
Equity mining: 10% of all UBA output will be distributed equally to all participating miners, regardless of computing power.
Computing power mining(Mainnet only): Mining using your own computing power.
Is UBA based on a web app?
Yes, UBA is designed to be accessible with a desktop/mobile browser.
How to team up in mining?
The users you have invited will automatically become your friends, you can draft your friends into your team, then you and your friend will both gain additional mining power.
How much more mining power do we get when teamed up?
You and your friend will gain 5% of each other’s mining yields, on top of your own mining yields, you can have at most 6 people in one team.
What is Quota?
1 Unit of UBA quota is required, to mine 1 unit of UBA.
How to get Quota?
Quota is free to get, by inviting friends to UBA. The amount of quota you get for each invitation reduces over time.
What if Quota runs out?
Mining would then be paused, until you have more quota.
How is Mining yields distributed
Initially, 10% would be allocated to equity mining, and the rest to computing power miners. The presence of computing power miners is essential for the market to price UBA.   START HERE (Universal Basic Asset is a new kind of initial capital in which 10% is always distributed for free. Get UBA with my link and share mining quota pool.




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