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Clean and Sober at B.C. Game


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30 days clean today.   Slowly putting my life back together. I could actually win before my relapse i was ahead $ 12,000.00 but the drugs messed up my head and still can't win anything and can't afford to lose much but i do enjoy being here when I'm home alone.   

   I lost my father last year and my roomate 3 months later and then the relapse happened and i lost everything material at that point.  

  Hell of a time to lose all but I'm working hard to first, stay clean and, second, rebuild my life. But im not asking and don't expect anything its just a tough time and losing the only 2 people i was super close too its been hard but im clean today and i got this. Ill get a million up within 5 yr.s.  Thats one of my goals. 

   If nothing else leave me with some encouraging Words or tell me some of your story.    Love all you crypto fools!

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