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TOUCHDOWN! NFL 50% Cashback !   #2


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:Untitled-1: NFL 50% Cashback !  🏈🏉


🗓️ Starts:  16 , September 02:00 AM UTC 🗓️
🗓️ Ends: 27 , September 01:59 AM UTC 🗓️

Hey BC Players! Let’s celebrate with our latest guaranteed promotion!

This time, we guarantee 50% cashback on your loss, up to US $100 ! Don’t miss this amazing chance !



  • Place a bet on any American Football NFL game and get a guaranteed 50% cashback if you lose!
  • Only one(1) single bet per person is accepted. 
  • Bet result with “lost” is valid to submit the ticket id.
  • For multiple valid ticket id submitted, only the highest amount will be entertained.
  • Single bets only - Multis & Combo parlays are not acceptable.
  • Hedging is strictly not allowed。





Minimum VIP
Minimum VIP 4 Level and above.


Minimum Odds requirement
Minimum odds 1.5(European) and above.


Minimum bet size
Equivalent to US $5


Eligible currencies
All cryptocurrencies are eligible (except JB,BCL)


How to Participate :
Post your Ticket ID, along with your ticket id & screenshot, as a reply to this thread as follows.
Providing the bet link is not mandatory.


Example for reference :


Ticket ID: 2178076114965115642


  • If the selection results in a void or postponement , the ticket ID will not be counted.
  • Cashed out bets are not eligible.
  • Hedging is strictly not allowed.
  • Create a SINGLE post. If you get a better result, edit your existing post , don't create a new post.
  • Bets must be placed & settled during the time window specified above. This thread will automatically lock when the time period ends.
  • One (1) entry per family. If someone attempts to claim multiple prizes, they will be disqualified from the challenge as well as all future challenges. This may also result in account termination.
  • Failure to follow the instructions will result in the cancellation of your submission.
  • By entering this challenge, you acknowledge that BC.GAME has final decision rights over results and placement.
  • Cashback will be paid in BCD up to a maximum of $100.
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  • joia
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Ticket ID: 2185910131492008011


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Thanks for taking part in our event. We sent SweetCodes via message on forum to 19 qualified participants.

If you are having any difficulty in claiming your prize, drop me a message directly or get in touch with live support.💯


No UID Forum username Cashback (USD) Remark
1 4262683 Ruthlyn @Ruthlyn 2.5  
2 1244845 Mugen @Mugen 25  
3 53879 Jorozz @Jorozz 2.5  
4 5522935 Xpqxiodwiwb @Xpqxiodwiwb 50  
5 1345321 Satoshimaker @Satoshimaker 50  
6 4633597 Patanka123 @Patanka123 37.5  
7 1493036 T-Ray @T-Ray 50  
8 1860031 A-Diamond @A-Diamond 37.5  
9 4532971 Wegotthis @Wegotthis 15  
10 205053 CivicMe @CivicMe 100  
11 5601746 Hfocjgixiwb @Hfocjgixiwb 50 Non eligible : Minimum VIP Level
12 3177472 MeoMeoPowerLove @MeoMeoPowerLove 50  
13 2385543 Waterman @Waterman 100  
14 5594402 Talpakan @Talpakan 30  
15 1255763 Vidaloka1 @Vidaloka1 60  
16 4282964 Vdiwfntagwb @Vdiwfntagwb 50  
17 4488999 Softwater @Softwater 100  
18 4296116 adhi3355 @adhi3355 50  
19 1550385 Priyanshu123 @Priyanshu123 96.8  
20 3802177 White-Rabbit @White-Rabbit 50  
21 3668814 CoinSweeper @CoinSweeper 50
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