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Vampire Survivors Tier List


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Hello folks, I've been playing this game throughout recent days, and I've completely delighted in it. I love level records, and I haven't seen any for this game out there. I volunteered to make a level rundown that is excessively lengthy. Tell me what you think and assuming you have any level arrangements of your own

Cross/Heaven Sword - This is an instance of the weapon conveying the related latent hard. The actual cross gives incredible group control, dps, and scales well indeed. It's apparently the best thing in general since it's so pragmatic to use while it's underdeveloped. When it's completely amped, this thing's an all out BEAST as well. It generally winds up with the most noteworthy DPS numbers. On the off chance that this wasn't matched with clover, it'd be the best weapon imo.

Lord Bible/Unholy Vespers - A many individuals consider this the sacred goal of things in Vampire Survivors. While I concur it's generally excellent, I believe it's out and out worse than the cross or fire wand. The primary explanations behind that lie in its matched update, ease of use, and scaling factors. The matched update Spell Binder isn't awful, and it synergizes with the book. However, it's not phenomenal. The convenience of the good book while overhauling it is additionally restricted. It has many issues that make it pretty meh until it snaps on with its development. At last, it just scales with spinach and harm overhauls. That prevents it from yielding the DPS of other upper level weapons. It still perfect however as a result of its unrivaled protective ability.

Discharge Wand/Hellfire - This may be the best weapon in the game. It's truly usable even with not many positions, it scales very well with loads of elements, it's development is incredibly great, and it even coordinates with spinach, quite possibly of the best broad update. This is an astounding weapon generally speaking.

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